Old New Heart

The following bit of creating writing is from two score years ago when my heart had very little damage of the physical or metaphysical sort.  It has suffered much since then — but STILL survives!  The occasion for the sentimental prose/poetry can be partially gleaned from the title.


February 15, 1975

Untie the knot at the base of your skull

That holds your brain all safe and snug.

Remove your brain, all safe and snug,

Lay it down beside you,

And pray that a better day will come.

Cut the skin that covers your chest,

That covers your heart all broken and torn,

But carefully though.  It can’t take much more.

Remove your heart, all broken and torn, and

Carry it down to the Heartsmith’s Shop.

Ask if he can have it ready by Friday.

“By Friday!”  he shouts.  “You Crazy?!  You Dumb!!

“I’ll never be able to fix this thing!

“It’s Broken and Torn with nothing to spare!

“What the hell have you done to your heart!?

“A more tortured heart I’ve never seen.”

“But, I’ll tell you what I’ll do.  I’ll give you two bucks

“And take it off of your hands.  I’ve been looking for

“Something like this to put on display.  For novelty purposes,

You understand?”

So I sold him my heart for two one dollar bills,

Turned my back and walked quickly away.  Now and again

I walk by that shop to look at the heart that’s on display,

For all the world to see.


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