Due Diligence


insane MDIt is NOT this author’s intent to turn this blog into a forum on the U.S. Veteran’s Administration or any of its programs, although it certainly seems to be looking that way here at the very beginning.  First impressions may indeed be lasting but PLEASE don’t get the wrong idea about Cor Novus!

It is merely my Due Diligence.  It is my duty to give service where I feel it is warranted and proper.  It is my duty to use my talents, as great or as meager as they may be, to repay in some way the benefits I am granted by compulsion to subsist within the “society” that I have chosen.

I am immensely grateful for all the benefits I receive from my”benefactors.”  It would be an enormous leap to say that I am”infinitely” grateful.  Let’s leave it at “immensely.”  I do my Diligence and express my gratitude by giving of my time and talent to my overlords a well deserved plug now and then.

Thanks for letting me share.  🙂

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