More Wyeth

(See also Art Appreciation)

It may be starting to become obvious that one of my favorite artists is Andrew Wyeth.  I promise to take an appreciative look at other painters and a sculptor or two later.  In the meantime I want to include a couple more of the Master’s works here.

The following has got to be his most recognizable work.  It is called Christina’s World.  The date given at the MOMA site is 1948.  Notice the fine attention to detail — the realism.  One almost feels as though they are standing directly behind Christina.

Christina's World

The next is titled Lovers.  It is one of several nudes by the Master.  I especially like this one for the use of contrast shadow/light and the face away of the model, which to me implies emotional detachment.  This portrait is perhaps the most recognized of the Helga Series.

According to Wikipedia The Helga Pictures,

Helga Testorf was a neighbor of Wyeth’s in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and over the course of fifteen years posed for Wyeth indoors and out of doors, nude and clothed, in attitudes that reminded writers of figures painted by Botticelli and Édouard Manet. To John Updike, her body “is what Winslow Homer’s maidens would have looked like beneath their calico.”



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