Southwest Florida Military Museum

The Southwest Florida Military Museum in Cape Coral, Florida is local to my residence at Veteran’s Village in Punta Gorda.  They are supportive and cooperative with and for the program maintained at the Village.

Following is a cut and paste from MuseumsUSA



The museum has on dis[play thousands of items donated by local Veterans and they vary from WW I – WWII to current 539950_2conflicts. We have an extensive library of books, letters and personal correspondence dating back to the first world war. We also have a 40 ft mobile museum that we can bring to your events.

Please stop by our head quarters to see first hand the uniforms our soldiers wore while fighting for our country along with other pictures, flags, and other memorabilia that has been donated by our local veterans and their families. While you are there, you can also take a guided tour to learn more of the history.


To preserve and display the military history of our country and to share that history with the younger generations.


We have been in existence since 2009 and have expanded from 1,300 sq ft to 34,000 sq ft. in that period of time. We also provide assistance for veterans in areas such as jobs, education, housing and homelessness.

Artifacts Collections

Uniforms, letters, medals, photos, vehicles, books, weapons, maps, equipment etc.

Educational Programs

Gallery tours available as well as open discussions with veterans concerning their personal experiences. Lectures by our WWII Historian and a lending library free of charge. Video recording of Veterans history


Open areas with seating for over 150 people, a mess hall with light snacks and food available served buffet


Due Diligence


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