Picking up Snakes

1-toppersnakesmanualIf you pick up anything and it bites you (snake, dog, cat, racoon, etc.), then it would greatly behoove you to be MUCH more cautious in the future in repeating the act.  You might want to avoid even attempting it again altogether.  But if it can’t be avoided or you have some special reason to do it again, then certain precautions might be advised.  Maybe you should have checked with others who gone before you and even looked to see if there is some kind of training for it.  Such as, pick up a snake from just behind the head and NOT the tip of the tail . . .  Eh?

Do I need to say that the same goes for human relationships?  They can’t be avoided but you can learn to recognize certain behaviors that identify possible dangers.  Approach with care and if possible don’t approach at all — unless that’s your thing, ya know?

In that case, HEY!  Good luck.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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