Being Grateful

November is set aside for gratitude, specifically the last Thursday—Thanksgiving. The thanks we express often takes second place to self-indulgence; overeating, drunkenness, rabid shopping and vegetating in front of television.

Norman-Rockwell-Thanksgiving-thanksgiving-2927689-375-479-289x370Food, shelter, health, family—these are the things for which we should be grateful every day. And many people are. Many are not. Many take these for granted. They hypocritically take one day for lip service while eating, drinking, and shopping themselves into a stupor. Many can’t be grateful, because they don’t have these things. Many in the U.S. lack the basics for survival.

Many of these unfortunates line up daily to receive the charity of food, shelter, health care and clothing from strangers. To whom are they grateful? To whom should they be grateful? “Thank you” is due to the party planners and cooks for the holiday feast. It is due to those who help provide shelter, health, food and clothing every day of the year. It doesn’t hurt if we give thanks on many other days other than the last Thursday in November.

Most importantly it is essential that we give continual thanks to the author of all the good we receive including the benefactors. Thank and praise God for all his bounty and grace, even the grace of life itself!

(This article is also published in hard copy in the monthly newsletter for Veteran’s Village of Punta Gorda, Florida.)


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