Why I Write (and Blog)

This article was inspired by an article in a blog I follow.  The particular post to which it is a response is Selfish.  The post may be found in the blog Cristian Mihai.

I write because I have to.  To NOT write makes me miserable because I am suppressing a gift that requires expression.  I do it not so much to be happy (although that is a vital corollary) but to prevent sadness and pain, which is what makes it a corollary.  Happiness is just a byproduct of “not sad.”  When I write and others find it worthwhile, then I like that too because I feel that I may have added something to someone’s life — if only for a moment.  I certainly don’t publish it online just for myself.  That would be too much like narcissism for me.  I keep a journal for purely private expressions.

Most of my writing lately deals with religious and spiritual themes.  I have done short essays and some fiction, not all of which are formally published.  You may find some of it here.  Not everything I write is published here for two reasons.  One, this blog has not been open long enough for everything (or even most things) I have written to be posted and, secondly, not everything (by far) that I have written is worthy of publication for general viewing.  This is not to say that I don’t like it for myself (although this is often true) just that a lot of my scribblings is just that — scribblings.

For those who do stop in and view my articles, I hope that they find it worthwhile reading and I would appreciate comments and feedback if for no other reason than for instruction.

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