Self Expression

Self expression isn’t hard for me.  I have a good grasp of language and a skill and talent for not only the spoken word but the written word as well.  However, it does take a modicum of inspiration.  Inspiration comes in two forms; from my mind or spirit and from THE Spirit.  The best stuff, of course, comes from THE Spirit.  When that happens, I have been known to mess it up, but the Spirit has been helping me with my tendency to swamp the message with my own meddling thoughts.  No.  Really.  I am getting a lot better.

When it is at its best it approaches something like what is called “Automatic Writing.”  Usually all I have to do with that is provide typographical editing and the addition of a preposition or two.  When I swamp it up, I end up turning it into a theological or philosophical treatise of some sort or another.  The end result of this type of monkeying is that the message gets buried in verbiage.

Here’s to hoping that eventually ALL my stuff comes from the heart and without infernal interference from my brain.

Pray for me.  I certainly do.




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