calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions and never have been so I won’t offer any here. I do make resolutions, except I don’t call them that. I just say that I am going to change something and then I do it. Or, I don’t. Or I start and then stop. In the latter cases I call it “failure,” and I take the blame. I don’t blame others or my environment or things. This honesty allows me to take credit for successes. If I allow others to take blame then I logically have to allow others to take credit. That’s only fair, right?

I also don’t “plan” to make vital changes. Maybe that’s why I don’t call them “resolutions.” To me, a “resolution” is 99% a future projection. New Year’s Resolutions are prime examples. “Starting January 1st I will (or will NOT) . . ..” If I am going to do it, I do it. A future start date just provides a chance to change my mind and demonstrates an appalling lack of conviction. If I think something is so darn important why not start RIGHT NOW!? What difference does month, day and year make. Do it or not. Make no excuses and take responsibility for your decisions.

I also hate the phrase “can’t,” as in “I can’t drink,” or “I can’t eat so much.” Sure you can! Why lie? You wouldn’t feel the need to say it if you thought you couldn’t do it. Or would you? For decades, every time I quit drinking I said to myself, “I can’t drink.” What a lie! I knew that not only COULD I drink but that I held professional and championship standing in it!

Resolutions1-790x310“Can’t” projects behavior into the future, similar to making resolutions. It is saying that at sometime in the future that a certain behavior will not occur because the inability to do it exists. BULL! I no longer say “can’t” today I say “won’t” or “will not.”

That puts it directly in the present and in my face. I have to make a decision in this instant whether or not to do something. “I WILL not drink,” “I Will not overeat,” I WILL not gamble,” etc.

Those are just some thoughts on the subject. Hope you find them useful.


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