Pieta (Michelangelo)

This is the Pieta sculpted by Michelangelo.


It is housed in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

It is a representation by Michelangelo of the mother of Christ holding his slain body after being taken from the cross.  The statue holds emotional impact for me as it shows not only the humanity of the Son of God, and the brutal and tragic effect of his love and sacrifice, but perhaps even more it shows the tragedy of the mother of any child taken before its time and especially in such an unjust manner.  For example, contrast this photo image.

Syrian child, 2013
Syrian child, 2013

How can the mourning of any parent for any unjustly slain child not affect us all?


3 thoughts on “Pieta (Michelangelo)

  1. To me that artwork didn’t feel like a “mourning for the death of” it has to me more of a feel of “waiting for the awakening of”. You’re right about the photo below, no parent is ever ready to watch their child die no matter how young or how old the child.

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