Not Malarkey — But Close

Here’s a few comments on Cor Novus administrative matters.  Maybe some of it will hold some relevance for other bloggers–maybe not.  It’s what I’ve noticed and tried to turn into blog “wisdom” for continued development and content.


wordpress-themeAt this time, I am using Suits.  I have been through several so far and am still not real happy, so I will continue to explore and experiment.  It’s mostly aesthetics.  But I also look for readability and content appropriateness.  I use graphics (mostly borrowed) to illustrate content and catch the eye of visitors.  But I’m not heavy on self art or photography so I don’t use themes that focus on it.

I don’t use social media at all. So, themes that feature the use of such things as Facebook, Twitter, etc, get ignored.

I insist on a theme that gives visible and prominent attention to my sidebar.  Widgets are a big deal to me.  I use my own widgets to review, administrate, and comment in my blog and in the blogosphere in general.  I also believe they are great aids in helping to drive repeated traffic to Cor Novus.


Traffic to Cor Novus was light at first, but I expected that.  There was not very much content to draw traffic4051attention.  As I added content traffic picked up some, but not nearly as much as I would have liked.

Recently however, traffic is relatively booming.  I am not getting visitors or “likes” or “followers” in the range of some.  But I went from near zero hits per day to the mid and upper teens.  It looks promising to go even higher.  Now some of the Heavy Hitters I see here in the triple-digits may scoff at my puny double-digit numbers in the teens.  But, you know . . . I am happy.  I could also be well satisfied with numbers in the thirties or even the forties, but I figure that to generate numbers higher than that might involve working too hard.  🙂  Maybe later, we’ll see.


I like them–a lot.  In both my “About pages” I encourage them.  In the static first post, I do the same.  I like to hear what other people think or have to say about my content.  Vanity? Perhaps, but I think mostly not.  I like to hear alternate viewpoints and even constructive criticism of what people see here.  I like to write and share my thoughts and views.  If I didn’t like to write and share, why the heck would I have a blog in the first place??

commentsConstructive please, always be constructive in the criticism–or least not rude, insulting, or vulgar/obscene . . .

As traffic has gone up, so have the comments.  I got NONE for months!

I think some, if not a lot, of the credit for increased traffic and comments must go to moving around more around the blogs of others.  I don’t do it for that reason–well maybe a little.  But it sure helps.  By and large, I do it because I enjoy it.  I like to read things on topics that I find interesting.  I like to get new insights and knowledge, and I try things out that might be even a little bit foreign to me.  If I don’t like it, I move along.  If I do, I click and like and try to offer a little input comment or two of my own.  If I REALLY like to I Follow!


Well, I’ve rambled along for a smidgen over 600 words now and feel that I probably have more to say on the subject(s), but I’m going to shut it down for now.  Rest assured, from time to time, I’ll pop back up with some Administrative Malarkey.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.




2 thoughts on “Not Malarkey — But Close

  1. You are way ahead of me on the blogmastering. I don’t have the first clue what most of the widgets do or how to use them. Still, if I ever have both time and curiosity hit me at once I’ll figure it all out. 🙂

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    1. This is not my first blog. I had one at WordPress back in ’09 that I kept for over a year and became fairly fluent with the program. It takes time depending on how much time and interest you put into it. It took me a little time to get back on top of the curve. They made some changes in it since then.


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