Discerning Truth

The following is a reply I made in an article posted by a friend and someone I follow.

You should read the article.  You may find it at Truth has Many Competitors in Redbird’s Roost.  I am linking the article and Blog here and the Blog itself in my links in the sidebar.



seek-truthThe gift of discernment is truly a blessing. When I look to someone for absolute truth, I only trust God. Having the right attitude to hear his answer is another story. Living in the world requires me to take many people at their word, and some of those who may not be speaking truth to me may earnestly just in error and actually believe that they are speaking truth. Many are deceived by Satan into believing what is in truth a lie, this is why, to me, we must turn to God for the veracity of all we see and hear. In the face of many claims, what’s your authority? It is the most important question of your life. I’m much better at discernment than I used to be.

Truth matches the teaching of Jesus Christ–the One who is Truth. (Truth Has Many Competitors, Redbird’s Roost, January 10 2015)


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