Thanksgiving Minus Friends or Family

(The Following is an entry taken from my Private Journal dated November 28, 2014)

goldStarNorman-Rockwell-Thanksgiving-thanksgiving-2927689-375-479-289x370This is the day after Thanksgiving.  It was an unremarkable day.  There were no friends or family with whom to celebrate.  I spoke by phone with Sharon up in Virginia for less than 10 minutes.  My Thanksgiving dinner was a plate of donated food.  The food arrived in large silver aluminum serving pans.  I didn’t meet my benefactors.

Thanksgiving food minus friends and/or family with whom to share it serves as a reminder of the absence of friends and family.  Thanks for the reminder.  Happy Thanksgiving to you to.  It is good and fancy food.  The benefactors mean well.  They really do.

Some might say that it’s the least someone could do, but it’s not.  The least that someone could do is nothing.  In many respects, that might be more charitable.  If you let a homeless person try to forget the special family holidays, they might eventually be able to slip by those days without the crippling depression.  *shrug*  It certainly isn’t the most that could be done.

The MOST that could be done is to take individual homeless people into private homes to spend the entire holiday season.  Give them a sense of family, ya know?  But really!   To take a Street Bum into your private home for an entire Holiday Season might be considered by most, if not all, to be a tad unreasonable. You think?  To do that might be akin to reversing their actual homelessness.

But not really.  Because THEN what would you do?  After January 1st, I mean.  You would have to put them back on the street during the coldest part of the year.  Why not save all homeless thanksthe tears and shouting and just go ahead and adopt them legally into your family.  Yeah right!  Like that’ll happen.

Face it.  Homelessness is a part of society you can’t get rid of in a Capitalistic society, and we all know that Capitalism is the worst economic system in the world, except for all the others.  It’s here to stay.  Do what you can to help, give deeply from the heart whatever the Lord God moves you to do, but don’t be too dismayed by the presence of some of our seemingly apparent ingratitude during the Holiday Season.

It might not really be ingratitude.  we might just be missing our children.








8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Minus Friends or Family

  1. You’re right, sometimes the small reminders make it worse. From time to time I bring home an adult or family to live with us. It doesn’t usually take long for them to find a direction for their life and run with it. Some of our homeless population aren’t safe to bring home and some are homeless by choice and just need a hand on really cold days etc. I agree that homelessness can’t be fixed but I still think we should try to help the ones who want a way out.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly with all your points and GOOD FOR YOU for bringing the ones deemed safe home to help. That is absolutely the most that anyone could or should expect. I know there was a reason I liked you! 🙂


      1. My kids call it my “people collection” LOL other women collect spoons or salt shakers or jewelry. LOL I collect people. They are so much more interesting and fun to have around.

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