Remote Location

A Reasonable Facsimile
A Reasonable Facsimile

Today I am posting from a remote location–the public library in Punta Gorda, Florida.  It is an attempt to test the waters of an off location posting site where I am not quite so dependent on my previous patrons.  It is difficult from here and may prove to be untenable.The connection speed is like molasses.

The location is 1/3 mile from the other which was practically next door.  Now, 1/3 mile might not seem like much to most people but I have to walk to get there, and walking is not such an easy chore for me.  I have both circulatory and repertory difficulties and on a lot of days I have problems walking even fifty yards or less.  Bad weather days?  Forget about it.

This will be the situation for the unforeseeable future.  What this means for my presence and activity in Cor Novus is that I will be posting less and I will be unavailable to read responses and provide replies as regularly as previous.  I also will not be as available for visiting the blogs of the good people who follow me and those that I follow.

It is regrettable but unfortunately unavoidable for the time being.

I have options to remedy the situation of trying to get off the Patronage Lifeline, but they are expensive, especially for a disabled Vet living on SSI and Food Stamps.  These options include purchasing my own computer and paying for cable Internet service.

It is also a good thing.  It forces me to find ways to become my own patron.  It inspires me to find alternatives to living on the largesse of others and become more independent in my activities.  In this way, perhaps, it is a blessing in disguise.

I hope that my followers and any others that might find their way into Cor Novus enjoy and may even find some deeper context than just entertainment.  But if all it does is provide a brief respite and a smile then that is good and enough for me.

Maybe someone could provide me a solution that I don’t see for these difficulties.

If so, drop me a line.

Well, that’s about all for now.  See ya later.


Michael (10)


5 thoughts on “Remote Location

  1. What about a fund campaign to cover the cost of a computer & internet? Your writing has value soooo maybe it’s time to see how much value it has to others. Net service would run about $600 a year a nice computer about $800 soooo do a fund this for $1500 and see what happens?

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    1. For some reason the site is no longer recognizing my email or user name. So I had to come in as a visitor. This sounds like a VERY good idea Asariel. As soon as I can solve this connection problem to my account I will begin work on it.


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