Illuminated Responsibilities and Consequences


This is to illuminate the responsibilities as an Author and blog Owner/Creator, and the possible consequences that could ensue whether I follow or disregard (intentionally or not) those responsibilities.  This aspect of my presence here at WordPress was pointed out to me most vividly recently as I unintentionally disregarded my responsibility to a key demographic.


I have responsibilities as an author and creator of a blog.  These responsibilities are to three individuals or groups.

They are,

  1. The PEOPLE who visit my blog to read my offerings (particularly those who choose to subscribe to Cor Novus),
  2. The PATRONS who make it possible to come into their domain and use their equipment to practice and publish my little Opus, and450a-A-Fair-Reader-q97-551x693
  3. To MYSELF.

My responsibilities to the PEOPLE and to MYSELF are almost identical.  To both the first and the third of the above numbered groups, I have the responsibility to be truthful and honest (there IS a difference) in expressing both fact and opinion.  To myself I have the responsibility of the integrity of my opinion, which is to say, except in those cases where it it is purely subjective, that my opinion must be reinforced as strongly as possible with fact.  Key to that integrity is when it is opinion that I state it as such.  I have the responsibility to both myself and to the people who come into Cor Novus, to state that opinion is opinion whether it is buttressed with facts or not.

I will differentiate between fact and opinion and clearly state caveats as they are warranted.

This last sentence is important as it was the rationale for a criticism I gave in an article which my PATRON found objectionable and requested that I take it out of public view.

I am responsible to my PATRON for the content of my articles, because of the patronage they provide.  They provide,

  1. Internet Access,
  2. A Computer from which I may access the Internet and write my blog, and
  3. The Space in which to work on the Computer.

These are all important boons.  Without them I would be unable to write this blog as I cannot afford to buy a computer or pay for Internet service.

Machiavelli couldn’t have lived the life he led without the Patronage of the Prince to whom he not only dedicated but also titled his most famous work.  The Prince.  duh.

For what am I responsible to my Patron in my content?

  • I am responsible to not use vulgarity or obscenity.  That’s not a problem as I don’t like the use of that myself,
  • I am responsible not to libel anyone.  That’s OK too because, once again, I would not do that–EVER, and besides it is quite against the law,
  • I am responsible to use the benefits provided judiciously and not for personal purposes other than the writing of this script.  Most importantly,
  • I am responsible to not step on any toes that might be in a financial or partnership relationship with my Patron.

I have done more than one article extolling the virtues of my patron.  They are a not for profit, faith-based organization. They do wonderful work for thousands of people across the country.  Most importantly, for my purposes here, they provide not only the patronage listed above, but also an invaluable list of services to myself and other U.S. military veterans here where I live.


God-is-not-mockedI failed in one of my responsibilities very recently.  I made a subjective criticism in an article in Cor Novus of one of those who are in a financial or partnership relationship with VoAFortunately, it had no views other than the Program Manager, who promptly notified the Resident Manager who notified me that they were not pleased with the publication.

The consequence was that my article annoyed (at the very least) my Patron.  The displeasure of the PM was relayed to the RM who relayed it to me.  I was mortified to have offended the PM and immediately expressed contrition and took the offending article down, with great speed.

As a result of my not-very-well-thought-out critical article and immediately after posting Remote Location, I lost the benefits of my Patron. The benefits mentioned above were; Computer, Space, and Internet Access.  All that was needed to eliminate all three was to take away just one–Computer!  Take away the privilege of the Computer and Space/Internet becomes moot.  Essentially, I lost my Patron and by extension, so did Cor Novus.

Post Script

The upshot of all this is that as a result of losing my Patron, I began a scramble to replace my lost benefits because I offended my benefactor.  It required not only totally bankrupting my savings from the past many months, but also going into debt that will take me several months to pay off before I can even begin recouping my savings.  Savings spent and debt incurred comes to about $1,ooo.  Add to that a monthly bill of about $50 for Internet Access.  These are the unintended consequences for failing to think closely enough before I unintentionally overstepped my responsibilities.

It’s been a HELL of a week, Folks!

The upside of all this is that I have more freedom to speak my mind and the freedom to use my own resources the way I wish and deem best.  I still have to watch myself–my former Patron is still my current Landlord.

As I am TECHNICALLY Homeless, it isn’t the most political thing in the world to offend the one who provides your roof, eh?

“Free Speech” is a Myth!

But that’s a topic for another time.





9 thoughts on “Illuminated Responsibilities and Consequences

    1. I like that. “It isn’t and as a result it is”–very Zen. Elucidate, please. It puts me in mind for another article. The Artsy Fartsy stuff will have to go on hold for a moment–but not too long.

      I am ever and always more than 50% an optimist. It will take me a short while to recoup my immediate losses, but the benefits of not being under the thumb of my Patriarch is bliss.

      By the way, being paranoid doesn’t mean you aren’t being watched.

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