The Cable Teat

cable-internet-access-modemWell, today I did it.  I made a commitment to Comcast for Internet Cable Service.  You may read about my woes and travails in Remote Location and Illuminated Responsibilities and Consequences.

So, now I am officially on the Cable Teat.  And suckling from Big Business communications does NOT come cheap . . . let me tell ya.  Oh never mind — you probable already know . . .

I have my new modem here beside me, but haven’t begun to hook it up.  I’m still broadcasting on the Xfinity air service that is outrageously high-priced.  But, you probably don’t need me to tell you that EITHER!  I think I’ll get my money’s worth.

In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of new articles in the works.  One is still in draft form and titled Speaking of Speaking.  It is about the High Price of Free Speech.  The other is going to be on the Fine Arts (for which I have a Category listing in the sidebar).  I haven’t thought about the subject for it yet, though I am pretty sure it will be on some painting master or some such.

If you are a Follower, stick around.  More’s coming.  If you’re not . . . well . . . you hang around too and keep checking in.  You might even want to click the “FOLLOW” button.

Later Gators!


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