Art Mark on the Mark

Hey!  Check this out . . .

artmarkThis guy came into Cor Novus today and gave me a “like” for my last article, Rembrandt.

So I went to visit him and THIS (among other things) is what I found.  Mark , as I am assuming his name to be, is doing all this really great art work on his own–original creations, ya know?  And from what I’ve seen it’s real good stuff.

Anyone who appreciates Rembrandt AND likes one of my posts can’t be more than half bad.  In fact, he is much more than half good!

Why don’t you go check him out.  You can click on the image and it will take you there, or you can simply link here:


Post Script: After going back and looking around a little more I found that his name is indeed (as I assumed), Mark.  Mark Toner, to be more exact . . .


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