Amputated Digits

Besides my scribblings in Cor Novus, I also contribute to a Community Newsletter where I live.  For the very large part, the contributions to the newsletter are simply a regurgitation of stuff I already put in here. Like nearly all regurgitions, not everything comes back in the same form that it went in.

In the blog I am free to let my writing Muse roam and ramble at will. I DO edit for length and comprehension but for the most part I just let the inner-voice speak as it wills and wants. It’s a different story for the newsletter. Space is premium and I sometimes have to cut as much as a third from the original that you see published here.WritersBlock

A THIRD! Oh My God, the PAIN!

Every writer of any worth that I have ever heard speak will tell you that words and stories and articles and essays are like children. We nurture them to maturity and then release them into the world to make it on their own. Their success in the society of Constant Reader is directly reflective of the care of their parent—the Writer.

I could never be a journalist—not in a million zillion years . . ..

For the non and less than driven writers in the crowd, let me tell what it feels like. It feels like sending your little curly-haired five year old daughter outside to play in the snow, only to discover that her gloves are too small for her chubby little fingers.

So, you chop them off and stuff the bleeding stumps into the gloves, while she stares up at you with big round tearful eyes.

Graphic, eh?


(Look what they done to my story, Ma!)



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