Baby’s First Steps

Tribal Mystic (also linked in the sidebar) reblogged Amputated Digits in her blog.  My shirt buttons are popping.

In over 70 published posts, essays, articles and general rambling since last August, “Amputated Digits” is the first to find its way out of Cor Novus baaby stepsand into the Wide World of Wonderful Blogging (they call it the “Blogosphere,” I think)  I call it a preoccupation . . . anyway . . ..

The ironic thing is that the perception that writers have about their work as “children” who may grow and go out into the world to try  to make it on their own is a secondary theme of Amputated Digits. And, here, one of my babies did it!

A very proud Daddy, I am.

If you think that all this sounds more than a little self-serving–I would wager that you are correct.  🙂  It’s also more than a tad self-referential, but I’m due.

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