Grits are Good

Grits are wonderful, nutritional, unassuming and just plain damn YUMMY!  This is an inarguable contention and an absolute fact of the universe.  It is self-evident.  Don’t start with me.  It won’t end pleasantly.

They are quick and simple to make.  “Instant” grits save very little time and besides . . . “Instant” grits SUCK–also an absolute.grits

They are good plain.  I like mine with a little butter and black pepper, but they can be embellished with many things.  If I am feeling especially plucky, I will crumble a little bacon into the bowl.  Purists scoff.  I smirk.

Grits should be eaten within 5 minutes of coming off the stove.  After 5 minutes they cease to be Grits, and become Concrete.

And, Yankees, “grits” is singular. The next time you are driving to Florida and decide to stop at a Mom and Pop restaurant to sample the local culture and a waitress taking your order simply asks you,

“Hominy Grits?”

Don’t reply, “Oh, three or four will do.”  You will just be confirming what we already think of you.

By the way, the artwork on the bag of Quaker grits was posed for by Barbara Bush in costume.  *nods*

Thanks for letting me share.



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