The Internet is not a Thing

Leonard Nimoy is dead.Internet-IPv6

I just got that news via text from a close loved one who provided a link to the Internet source for her information.  I didn’t know she was connected and replied my thanks for the news and said that I didn’t know she had “Internet access.”  She replied that she didn’t have Internet access.  She said she has it “on her phone.”  I said “No, you have access.  You may not have a computer but you still have access on another device.”  She was adamant about not having it “in my home.”

She is equating  the Internet with a computer.  They are not the same thing.  I thought everybody was up to speed with that by now . . . obviously I was wrong.  So let me try to clear it up . . .

The Internet is a system of communication and information sharing that cannot stand by itself.  It needs a device of some sort to access it.  At one time in the “beginning” the only way it could be accessed was by some form of computer,  at first they were virtually immobile, but then came laptops, and then tablets, and now we have cellphones that do ungodly things.  She said that she didn’t have it “in my home.”  I am assuming that she didn’t mean that she left her phone on the doorstep every evening when she turned in for the night.  She was confusing a device for a system.  And, technically nowadays, cell phones ARE computers, eh?

By the way, “Internet” is a proper noun that must be capitalized when you are writing or typing it.  Just ask any spellchecker.


3 thoughts on “The Internet is not a Thing

  1. I’m not on speaking terms with any spellchecker, they’re such rigid rule follower… sighhh. Sad to hear bout another of our old stars passing on. Andddd yep, I did already know that about the Internet and I run into people on a regular basis who have no idea how it all works.

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    1. I am speaking terms with several different spellcheckers. We curse at one another frequently–well–it’s mostly ME doing the cursing . . . but, you get the picture, eh?


      1. Yes, I decided on the silent treatment for all of them after they started checking my work in French without my permission. Take the laptop to Paris for one short visit and after that all spell checkers go right on over… sad.


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