Thanking the Academy

Today I broke my own personal best for views and visitors in Cor Novus in a 24 hour period.

reese_witherspoon_and_oscarI would like to thank the Academy for this honor, all my friends and followers at Word Press, all my friends and acquaintances who had NO CLUE what Word Press was or is and for the most part couldn’t care less but Followed me just to humor me and shut me up from pestering them about it.  OK, children, Daddy did it.  Go to bed now.

A special thanks goes out to Tribal Mystic and Poetic Parfait that got me going on this current kick, and to aladywriter4you for being an encouragement and a constant presence in my Comment Fields.

I almost forgot . . . thanks to Roger, my Collie puppy.

Thanks for your support and for letting me share.

You LIKE me!  You REALLY like me!  🙂


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