Poetry Links

Michael (7)In my work on my new project Sundae with Nuts, I am doing my best (and succeeding) at providing links for the poets and their works that I am showcasing.  The helpfulness of various sites is absolutely wonderful.

So I’m going to provide the raw link for you here AND in the sidebar under “GENERAL

Poets dot org

I want to thank Christy at Poetic Parfait for inspiring this magnificent obsession within which I am deeply embroiled and enmeshed and which keeps me awake all night.  Thanks a LOT Christy!  😀

I am currently hard at work at the third or fourth installment — I’m losing track!  It will cover the poets,

  • ee cummings,
  • John Donne,
  • Emily Dickinson, and
  • George Eliot

Watch for it.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Links

  1. Woohoooo! I mean, not about keeping you up at night but about your love of all things poets! I am honored by the shoutout (shouting yeehaw right now!) and think it’s VERY cool. I brought a few donuts for you as you will need the energy to stay up tonight 🙂


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