Learning Latin

Latin is a dead language.  No one speaks it conversationally.

Cor Novus
Cor Novus

One of my regular readers asked me today the meaning of “COR NOVUS,” the name of this blog.  I responded that it comes from Latin.  “COR” means “Heart” and “Novus” means “New.”  So Cor Novus translates as “NEW HEART.”

As I  said Latin is a dead language because it is not used conversationally anymore.  It is used in the Law, and the old Roman Catholic Church used to use it a lot in the Liturgy, but not nearly so much anymore.  Latin died when the Italians began to use what is called the “Vulgate” language which is basically and simply–Italian.  You still see Latin used in Church related items.  Googling “Cor Novus” results in several Catholic related sites.  Interestingly enough, Googling “Cor Novus” lately results in links to THIS blog!  My blog had the top three links on Google when last I checked it.  This is not to mention several photo links using the same search terms.

I became interested in Latin back in my middle thirties when I started college.  I began learning legal Latin by picking it up here and there studying Political Science and Church Latin from my theological studies.  I decided to take a college course in it and didn’t do so well in that.  I dropped the class holding a C average.  But I didn’t lose interest in it.  The class sucked.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I just wanted to share that with you.

Thanks for letting me.



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