Butterflies and Flowers, Gremlins and Goblins

gardening_for_butterfliesLife cannot and should not be all Butterflies and Flowers.  There must be Gremlins and Goblins, if for no other reason than to keep things interesting and to keep us all on our toes.  Do I lie?

If things were all Peaches and Cream, then there’s not much need of Heaven is there?  Where is the ambition in such a life?

It can get pretty rough, I tell ya.  I have seen and lived through some horrors of which I wouldn’t relish retelling.  I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t care to hear them retold either once I began.

Hey!  If I got every thing handed to me on a silver platter, then I wouldn’t learn very much, would I?  Besides, living through Crap Storms is what gives us character!

No Really!  I wouldn’t lie to you.

(besides, I could tell you a thing or two about butterflies that might change your opinion of them.  *nods* )



2 thoughts on “Butterflies and Flowers, Gremlins and Goblins

    1. I think that would have been too easy, don’t you? Even in the worst of times we have the freedom to decide whether to use it to develop character and faith or to let it destroy us. If God gave us character to start, it would take away autonomy and Free Will.


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