Et Tu, Brute?

Beware the Ides of March!

If Julius Caesar heeded those words, he might have lived a few days more . . . tumblr_n2gkyzoynp1qgqj2zo1_500

Regardless, he didn’t and he didn’t.  The rest is Shakespearean.

I’ve been a little slack the past week or so with my posting.  Among other things, I blame World of Warcraft.  Mostly, I just feel that I over did it there at one point.  I got a little giddy with a sense of quasi-popularity and did a BUTT LOAD of posts, and even started a couple of serial projects, including a poetry critique–Sundae With Nuts–and a fiction serial–Last Samuel.

I’m going to get back on the stick, so to speak, on both those projects, post haste.  Never fear, or fear a lot depending on your perspective . . .

I’ll also be getting back to some of my usual tom-foolery . . .

(I can’t believe the spell checker didn’t flag “Foolery”)

But anyway . . .

Look for a resumption of stuff from Cor Novus and as always — Thanks for letting me share.


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