Soon to be Released

Recently a survey was conducted of nearly 175

  • Program Specialists,qCatGraph
  • Social Workers,
  • General and Specialist Doctors including
  • Mental Health Professionals and Workers,
  • Law Enforcement Officials,
  • Members of the Judiciary,
  • Friends,
  • Family, and a select sampling of
  • Convenience Store Clerks,

for the express purpose of trying to determine just WHAT THE CRAP should be done with and/or about me.

Details of the survey are currently undergoing analysis and statistical breakdown and all results will be released as soon as they become available.

We Thank You For Your Support


Michael (3)

4 thoughts on “Soon to be Released

  1. My contention is that when we can’t decide what to do about someone we should simply love them until the correct solution presents itself… sometimes that takes a while. 😉

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