Cor Novus on Facebook

Please note in the sidebar, directly under Cor Novus Categories drop-down menu is a new feature.  It is titled

Cor Novus on Facebook

This sidebar item can direct you to a dedicated page recently created in Facebook for this blog.  It is a subsidiary page for the account Michael Gryphon–me.

The options are available to follow the Cor Novus page, Friend Request the founder–me 🙂 , both or neither.  Chose “Neither” if you are a “Poopy Head.”  😀

Whether you go to the page or NOT (and what would or hurt if you DID, huh?) — Please Click LIKE for the page.  It sure will help me promote it.  After all — it’s basically just the same as the WordPress blog you see here, except it is in Facebook format.  Same Author.  Same Themes and Topics.  Heck, a lot of it is just hyper-linked articles from here.  So if you like HERE, then you’ll like THERE.  Trust me.  Have I ever lied to you?

Go check it out and see for yourself.


Michael (10)


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