Cardiac Cares

Cor Novus
Cor Novus

Last Thursday, 09.04.2015, I was hospitalized for the second time with a heart attack.  I was already making myself scarce in Cor Novus and this development doesn’t promise to make things any better: blog-wise.

It was ten years ago when I had my first. I am ten years older and this is yet another one.  After the first I was up and at-em in a couple of days.  The age and the multiple nature seems to make it much harder to rebound like that.  But I figured out the disadvantages of increasing age some time ago.

Forgive me and I know you will understand if my absence is delayed yet further.


2 thoughts on “Cardiac Cares

  1. Oh Michael, I am sorry to read about your health. I send you big hugs and want you to take care of yourself. Absolutely we understand you will be away from here – your health comes first. We will miss you.


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