Literacy and Math Skills

King "Harld" V of Norway
King “Harald” V of Norway

According to List of Countries by Literacy Rate, the country of Norway has a literacy rate of 100%.

After reading this I was struck by a strange thought.  Perhaps Norway doesn’t really have a 100% literacy rate AND they are really bad at math.

I have no proof.  Just a vague suspicion.

They have a king who is King Harald V of Norway.  Think about it.  The King of the place doesn’t even know how to spell his own name!


12 thoughts on “Literacy and Math Skills

  1. Personally, I’m becoming convinced that they actually aren’t that literate, and that they aren’t lying about it. They just suck at figuring percentages.

    Someone needs to tell the King how to spell “Harold.”


  2. The trick with keeping stats that look nice is always found in the definitions. Things like definition of literacy and who is defined as “population that count” for purposes of whatever they define of “literacy” are very important in the numbers games.

    For instance if we are to believe that there is no one in Norway who cannot read and write that would mean that there is not one person there who is too mentally ill to learn… are they killing off all the mentally disabled? Or is it more likely they simply aren’t counting those?

    Andddd if they aren’t counting those, who else do they feel shouldn’t be counted… if we decide to count only those who are reading and writing then our numbers can be 100% as well.

    I haven’t even begun to mention how many definitions there are for literacy.

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    1. 😀

      It appears that I have stumbled upon your Wheelhouse! One of my favorite quotes is that there are three types of Lies in the World; Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.


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