Bene Dicere


Bene Dicere

This is Latin for “Speak Well.” or “Speak Good.”  It can also be taken as “Good Words.”

It is where we get the English word, Bene-Diction.  Many branches of many religions use a benediction to end their services.  It is also included as the last order of business in many semi-secular congregations such as conventions and conferences.  The Preacher stands up at the end and sends the people out with a blessing–a benediction.

The word means nothing fancy, simply Good Words to you.

It is a Blessing.

Blessing is translated into Latin as BenedictioBless is simply Benedicat–Good Word(s).

This begs the question, What’s the “Word?”  At the Baptism of Jesus by John at the River Jordan, the words were “This is my son.  I am well pleased.”  Could there be any blessing better than that?  If the Supreme Creator of the Universe says that it is “Well Pleased” with you, then that is the best that could be said.  If your parent says they are proud of you, that is about the best blessing a child could receive.  Unfortunately not every earthly parent is nearly blessed enough themselves to be issuing such worthy proclamations.  Not every earthly parent cares enough, if any, about their children to give their blessings to their child.  More is the pity.  But the Supreme Parent, our Heavenly Father, cares enough about every one of his children to give them his unqualified and unconditional blessing.

In the Gospel of John, 1:1, it says, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The “Word” was given to us in the form of a person (“became flesh”) for one reason only.  LOVE

So if I have one word or benediction to leave you with it is Love. Accept it from God and then give it to him, yourself and everyone else.  You, me and everyone else will much the better for it.





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