Whispering to God


God, if I lose my sight I will always carry in my mind the vision of my newborn son, the look of passion from my wife, the sunset over the Shenandoah Valley from the Blue Ridge, the look of unqualified love from my mother, and the peaceful and unseeing expression from her dead eyes as she lay in that cursed hospital bed.

If I lose my ears, I will always carry in my mind, the sound of my children’s laughter, the music of Bach and Led Zeppelin, the songs of birds, and the stern and scolding voice of my father. If I lose my sense of smell, I’ll carry the memory of fresh baked bread, the intoxicating body scent of desire from my lover, wildflowers and honeysuckle.

Should I ever lose my taste; the sweetness of chocolate will still persist, as will the succulence of rare cooked steak. I will not forget the flavor of Armelinda’a kiss. If sensation ever deserts me, my mother’s embrace will keep me warm. My father’s hand, strong and calloused, will enfold mine as he leads me to where I need to go. The gentle caress of my bride will assure me that I am wanted.

If I should ever lose all these things by the cruel trick of a brain ailment, then I know that they will be reawakened in all their glory and poignancy when I am finally face to face with you, my Father and my Creator.

Lord, I am ready. Take me whenever it may please you.



5 thoughts on “Whispering to God

    1. You think though? . . . Curious that you might think that. What was your first clue?

      I have removed your spam link though. Hope you weren’t offended. Cheers.


        1. Ah! But you see, this is not your space in which you may advertise your articles without permission. Doing so is one vital definition of “spam.”

          I do not hold comments in moderation and therefore you get limited advertising space here when you post anything as a link is provided with your name in the comment.

          I’ll tell you what. If we may continue the debate posed by your article in your blog where it has already started, then I will be more than happy to provide your blog a whole article here in Cor Novus directing viewers to your spot. What do you say? Sound reasonable?

          By the way, there was some problem with my second response over there where I began to answer your “10 Charges.” I re-posted it this morning. I hope it works this time.



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