Animal Companions

I took the cat to the car-wash yesterday.  Not the car, just the cat.  I left the car at home and we walked. Or rather I walked and Sylvia was dragged.  Sylvia never was fond of leashes, but I insisted.  We went through the automated car wash together.  I held her snugly in my arms as we were sprayed by high-pressure nozzles with extremely hot water and pummeled with brushes and enormous rags.

I squeezed my eyes shut and held my hand over her head when the soap came.

When we came out we were squeaky clean.  I was covered in bloody scratches.  I must say that Sylvia didn’t seem to appreciate the experience very well, but I was oddly peaceful, happy, and even moderately elated.

Isn’t it wonderful the joy that our pets can bring?

Sylvia was Sally’s cat.  Have I told you about Sally?


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