About: Cor Novus

This ain’t my first rodeo!

My name is Michael, and I am the Creator, Author and Developer of Cor Novus.  For a background sketch see About: Author.

It has been a couple of years since I have blogged so it may take me a minute or two to learn the new bugs and benefits WordPress has to throw at me, but the learning curve is short.  The last time I actively blogged was here.  The only time I have blogged was here.

Cor Novus is a new project designed as an interactive forum to explore and discuss an eclectic range of topics.  From Popular Culture to Literature to Art to Religion/Theology/Philosophy to Current Events.

All of these and more!

Observations and Opinions will be here.  Essays on all manner of topics will find publication here.  In addition the Author’s own Creative Writing will be fair game for comment and criticism.  At time Cor Novus will take the aspect of a personal journal and autobiography as I explore , expand, and express feelings, places, people and times in my life.  AS ALWAYS, comments and observations on any and all topics are strongly encouraged.

Subscribe to Cor Novus as the spirit moves you.  Hope to see you soon and often.



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