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My name is Michael and I am the Creator, Designer, and Author for Cor Novus.  You are very welcome here.  I hope you like it and decide to visit regularly and share in what I have to give.

Who am I?  I am a 57 year old man originally from Virginia.  I was born, raised, and lived in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Region in southeastern Virginia, in the city of Hampton.  I lived there 50 years and moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to do missionary work.  I left Virginia in late 2013 and traveled in Arizona and Nevada, living in the street and carrying the Word of God.  In December 2013 I came to Pensacola,  and relocated to Punta Gorda on the southwest Florida Gulf Coast in February 2014.  No matter where I go I am a Virginian at heart and will always call it my home.

Currently I live in and pay rent on an apartment in close program cooperation with the Veterans Administration through their support of Volunteers of America.  You may visit their sites by clicking the links here or in the sidebar.

I am a Child of God, brought to salvation by the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

I am a father of three, grandfather of a few, brother of two sisters, husband of none (twice divorced), and a son of two loving parents (both deceased).

I am well educated formally and self taught.  I have a Bachelor’s of Art and a Master’s of Science.  I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces living on disability and by the Grace of  God.

I am a loving, gentle and caring man.  I have my problems.  Who doesn’t?  I am intelligent, thoughtful and possess a reasonable streak of sensitivity.  I am sentimental and have a large capacity for romance.

I have a lot to offer and in search of people with whom to share it.  There is no such thing as too many friends and loved ones.

So, once again welcome to Cor Novus.  Stick around and sample some of what I have to offer.  If you find it in any way intriguing stop back by once, twice, three times and as many multiple multiple times as you desire.  I hope to keep the conversation lively and eclectic.  AS ALWAYS, feel completely free to comment on anything that you feel worthy of your time and effort.  You may choose to “follow” this blog by one or more of various methods.  Please do that as well, if the spirit so moves you.  Finally if you do like it, why not recommend it to others?  They might appreciate it and I know that, sure as shootin’, I will.  🙂

Until Later,



5 thoughts on “About: Author

  1. Hi Michael, thank you so much for following my blog. It has taken me a while to get to see your comment. Something bad happened on my blog and I lost 2,800 followers on Sept 16 and I asked WordPress to recover the stats but they did not respond. Anyway, a lot of things disappear and I am not very savvy on the technical aspects of blogging so I am learning everyday. I really wanted to drop by and say thank you. God bless you. Joycelin aka Tribal Mystic.


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