Catholics For Truth


Friend and personal acquaintance Thomas Yanoti has started a new blog.  I am proud to say that my infleunce lead him to wodpress.

The blog is called Catholics For Truth.

It is linked here and in the side bar.

Do me a favor and go visit him.  You might thank me.  You might not.  I’ll take my chances.  😀

Jack Black

Jack Black's Uni. How's THAT for a credential?
Jack Black’s Uni.
How’s THAT for a credential?

I am currently engaged in an article in Camberidge Talk about whether God deserves any of the credit he is given.  Evidently, Jack thinks he doesn’t.

I am taking the Negative in the debate which is in an article called, “10 Charges Against Religion,” which vaguely alludes to religion in one or two spots but is primarily aimed at an attack on God in general.

It is probably not intentional, but Mr Black is in fact providing me with an opportunity to strengthen my own faith by this exercise.  Thanks Jack!

When I get finished with the debate I’ll bring it over here for my peeps in the hood to see, or you can follow the link above to find it already in progress.


Cardiac Cares

Cor Novus
Cor Novus

Last Thursday, 09.04.2015, I was hospitalized for the second time with a heart attack.  I was already making myself scarce in Cor Novus and this development doesn’t promise to make things any better: blog-wise.

It was ten years ago when I had my first. I am ten years older and this is yet another one.  After the first I was up and at-em in a couple of days.  The age and the multiple nature seems to make it much harder to rebound like that.  But I figured out the disadvantages of increasing age some time ago.

Forgive me and I know you will understand if my absence is delayed yet further.


Still Alice


It has been several years since I have been to the movie theater to see a movie.  It has been a few years more since a movie has moved me to tears.  Still Alice was the current occasion for both.  I was feeling more than a little stir crazy yesterday so I invested some precious dollars and went out to enjoy two or three hours at the movies.

The only awards show I watch on television is the Academy Awards every spring.  This year Julianne Moore won Best Actress for Still AliceStill Alice is a dramatic story of a woman who develops Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  It is the story of her decline into the depths of this horrible family disease.

It is not Action/ Adventure.  It has no spectacular special effects.  It did not come out in IMAX or 3D.  It is simply a very moving human drama of one woman’s descent into Alzheimer’s and the toll it takes on both her and her family.  Co-starring as her husband is Alec Baldwin who I think they could have done a better job casting his role.  I think Baldwin is only marginally gifted as an actor.

I give the movie 4 1/2 stars out of 5.  It would have got 5 stars if they had cast someone better than Baldwin, which should have not been difficult at all.

I highly recommend it.  It is just as well-suited for a small screen as for a movie theater.  So you can wait for it to come out on DVD or Pay-Per-View.

But DO see it.  You will be glad you did.

Et Tu, Brute?

Beware the Ides of March!

If Julius Caesar heeded those words, he might have lived a few days more . . . tumblr_n2gkyzoynp1qgqj2zo1_500

Regardless, he didn’t and he didn’t.  The rest is Shakespearean.

I’ve been a little slack the past week or so with my posting.  Among other things, I blame World of Warcraft.  Mostly, I just feel that I over did it there at one point.  I got a little giddy with a sense of quasi-popularity and did a BUTT LOAD of posts, and even started a couple of serial projects, including a poetry critique–Sundae With Nuts–and a fiction serial–Last Samuel.

I’m going to get back on the stick, so to speak, on both those projects, post haste.  Never fear, or fear a lot depending on your perspective . . .

I’ll also be getting back to some of my usual tom-foolery . . .

(I can’t believe the spell checker didn’t flag “Foolery”)

But anyway . . .

Look for a resumption of stuff from Cor Novus and as always — Thanks for letting me share.


How’s This For Morbid?

A series I am writing required me to do a little research.  I began researching postmortem decomposition of human remains.  Specifically, I wanted to know how long it takes the human body to break down into just a skeleton when the corpse is left unpreserved and above ground.

Gruesome, Yes?

Yes, quite gruesome.  As if the description of the natural process of human decomposition isn’t rough enough, I ran into more than a few photos of the evidence.  That, I didn’t need.

Well, the answer is “It Depends.”

It depends on climate.  Is it humid?  What is the latitude–temperate or warm?  What is the elevation above sea level?  Generally, the more humid,

Be grateful I didn't use one of the OTHER photos I found.
Be grateful I didn’t use one of the OTHER photos I found.

lower latitudes and lower elevations, the faster the decomposition.  This all make sense, as anyone who has left food out on a warm day can attest.  Something that most people don’t think about though (and one that is especially unpleasant to consider) is the presence of predators.  I don’t just mean cats, birds, dogs or rodents, although they are certainly a factor.  I mean bugs, flies, and worms.  YUCK!  A healthy crop of maggots can reduce Uncle Robert to bones in pretty short order.  And think of the Cat Lady who dies in her apartment with no one left to feed her 11 kitties!

Tender Vittles!

Do I lie?


Now if I haven’t put you off your feed or disturbed your future rest, then I am happy for that at least.  I am pretty tough myself, but the study gave me an unpleasant thought or two–I can tell ya.

Hope you’re not sorry for tuning in.