Reasonable Despot

hl-roman-aqueductsConstruction has begun on the Forum, the Coliseum, the aqueducts, and the Appian Way.

I don’t expect you to get it all done in a day.

I’m a reasonable despot.

You have 36 hours.

Et Tu, Melinda?

Chasing Game

I don’t chase game any more.

Here’s why.

4011378891_7dd40b35b2_bAt my age if the only game I am interested in allows me to approach closely on foot, there is better than an even chance that it will run away.  It might dash off completely or it might just hop a short distance as though to taunt my intent.  I don’t chase that good anymore.  I tire easily of foolish Game games.

Besides, I have found from years of experience that the allure of Game is FAR greater than the joy of actually having it.  Believe me, Young Hunter, it’s true.  The thrill of the Hunt is not what it is cracked up to be.  Many hunters have captured their prey only to discover that it is actually an unpalatable creature and almost impossible to legally shed. The possible misery is nearly unimaginable.

Here’s my solution

If the game wants to be caught it can come to me.  On close inspection, if I think it is suitable for my table, I will take it home.  If none comes to me and the urge for Game meat becomes great I can watch a nature documentary and imagine that I am once again the Great Hunter.  If even that is not enough, I can always go down to the Market and purchase a few pounds.

By the way, the only Game in which I am interested is illegal to trap or shoot.

Thanks for allowing me to share.



Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes said that, “the condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone.”

He also said, “the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

I bet he was a real joy to talk to over bagels and juice.

If he was right, if life is just one prolonged misery, then where’s the downside to it being “short.”

As bleak as it may seem, there must be something worthwhile there to make its brevity undesirable.

Don’t ya think?

I could make a list.


Speaking of Lumber

Speaking of the position of lumber in Glory Begun has put me in mind of something along the same line.

In the past I have had dealings with more than one person in a position of respect within the field of Social Services, who have been obviously rspw18possessed of such large sticks of lumber lodged within body cavities that it most certainly should have created great discomfort.  I grant that such people sometimes seem not to mind any inconvenience that such an affliction might cause.  However I feel that it is not so much a matter of choice, as it is that they have probably just become so accustomed to the gross intrusion of lumber into their system that it has become a way of life.  Perhaps it can be compared to long-term victims of torture who have become inured to the pain and discomfort.

On more than one occasion, I have considered suggesting the services of a Colorectal Surgeon, but have refrained, not wishing to call attention to a potentially embarrassing condition.  I ignored the Elephant in the Room.

To be fair, the Social Services field is in no way the only career path that is vulnerable to this particular malady.  It is just the one with which I have most contact.

Sharing this information may be something for which you could not care less, but I appreciate you allowing me to do so.

It is minimally cathartic.